Thursday, March 6, 2014

Week 3: Hard at Work

In which we have been working on getting our SquareBot completed this week.

In which I (Ayla) am putting one of those corner bracket things on one of the metal structure and Arvin is helping.

In which Arvin and Philippe are putting things together.

A shot of the classroom and everyone working. As well as their backpacks.

A decently bad picture of Shaina's face.

A whole mess of parts.

Arvin and Philippe again.

Jason, Shiana, and two boys I don't know looking through the bins of parts.

Masen and Philippe finding parts.

Kevin (I think) and Arvin looking for pieces.

Shaina working on a VEX motor testing pad thing.

In which we watch boys looking through parts to find things. In this video: Arvin, Philippe, Kevin, and Brian.

In which Shaina explains to me what she will be doing with programming and coding and such.

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