Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ending Remarks - Shaina

This year our group had a series of ups and downs. Varying from large arguments about getting graded, to minor discussions about the ratchet-ness of our robot. Although we didn't get to complete all of the challenges I'm still glad I got to meet and get to know each individual in my group. Also, everyone in the group learned a lot weather it be about teamwork, sharing or just listening to someone else's idea. All in all if I had to change anything about how our group worked I would only change the way the work was distributed. Since I attempted to build the robot myself only asking for help when I needed to do things for engineering club. Our group did poorly on the challenges. Also Ayla and I attended "Shrek the Musical", Which was a great play that integrated engineering into various parts such as the mechanics of the spotlight and also the platforms that could turn. 

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