Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 8: Goals

Hello! We are now in our eighth week of working on this robot. Wow, does time...move strangely.
So, we're working on the SolidWorks for the arm and such still. For some reason the bot never got stuck onto the origin of the piece, so it likes to move around all the time. Really annoying, that's what that is. Still, it'll get done. Arvin is working on it right now and I help him out whenever necessary.
Shaina is making an endofactor (hope that's spelled right) for the bouncy ball challenge, and I don't know exactly what to with that since she's just repeatedly saying "Don't worry about it" when we ask her what's going on/what she's doing/anything, really.
See you on Friday :)

Philippe and Camacho doing...not really sure, actually.
Here's our robot with the claw-thing removed from the tetrahedron.
And here is Arvin, working on our SolidWorks.

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